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Be an investigator

Be an investigator

MyPeBS could potentially change breast cancer screening in Europe. Investigators have the crucial role to inform women about the trial and include them in MyPeBS.

Do you want to participate as an investigator to this unique pragmatic, community-based clinical trial?

Investigators’ skills


MyPeBS is a major ambitious European initiative. This unique international clinical study compares a personalised risk-based screening strategy to standard screening among women aged 40 to 70 in 5 countries: Belgium, France, Israel, Italy and UK.

MyPeBS aims at potentially changing the future standard breast cancer screening. It is therefore embedded into the current organised screening of each country.

Investigators are doctors (in some countries, other health professionals can also be investigators) with knowledge of the current standards and practice in breast cancer screening.

They must have communication skills in order to inform women not only of the trial, but also on the benefits and risks of breast screening.

They may have a previous experience of clinical research and trials. This is not absolutely required since MyPeBS is a pragmatic, community-based, trial.

How shall I proceed to become
an investigator of MyPeBS?


First check that you work in a region where MyPeBS runs (see map below).

If you do, please send an email to with:

  • your name
  • your centre or practice’s contact information with full address
  • a scan copy of you signed and dated CV (with your national practice registration number if applicable).

The sponsor (Unicancer) will then liaise with the contact person in your country, who will revert to you.

Upon verification of your eligibility as an investigator by our contact in your country (and regulatory approval of your participation by an ethics committee if applicable), a clinical trial agreement will be established with you, which will settle your roles and responsibilities in the trial, as well as the financial compensation for your participation to the study.

You will then receive from the trial Sponsor your personal codes to enter and use the MyPeBS web-platform. Having a secured private access to MyPeBS’ portal (through personal ID and password) will allow all your activities within the trial, since the web platform will centralize all the study data.

You will be asked to go through an online training on the web platform dedicated to the MyPeBS study: this e-learning about the study and Good Clinical Practice will take about 30 min of your time. Your e-training will be validated via a short quiz (80% success needed to pass).

Once you are authorized to be an investigator (local +/- regulatory approval, + validated e-training + signed agreement), you will be allowed to recruit women in the study.

Be an investigator of MyPeBS:

what does it imply?


The investigators’ responsibilities in MyPeBS are the following:

  • Inform potentially eligible women about the trial
  • Explain the trial to all women interested to participate
  • Check inclusion and exclusion criteria of women interested to participate
  • Have eligible women sign an electronic informed consent form, and sign it
  • Create each new participant’s profile in MyPeBS web-platform
  • Help women fill-in their initial questionnaires if needed (medical questions)
  • Randomize women into the trial and immediately inform them of the randomization result
  • For women randomized into the standard screening arm, give them their standard screening protocol: they will not have other appointments with you regarding the study (they will be followed online)
  • For those randomized into the risk-based screening arm, give them the saliva kit to collect a sample of their saliva. This sample must be rapidly sent to the central laboratory for DNA analyses (genotyping)
  • For the women randomized into the risk-based screening arm, you must give them a second appointment around 3 months later: at this second visit, you will inform them of their risk estimation and provide them with their personalized screening program for the next 4 years.
  • Answer potential participants’ questions regarding their participation and the trial throughout the 4 years follow-up

    Screening structures participating in the trial


    Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

    Hills Rd, Cambridge CB2 0QQ, Royaume-Uni

    Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

    Southmoor Rd, Wythenshawe, Manchester M23 9QZ, Royaume-Uni

    The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

    Beckett St, Leeds LS9 7TF, Royaume-Uni

    ADECA 75 - Centre de dépistage de Paris

    82 rue Beauboug
    PARIS 75003
    01 48 42 77 01

    ADC 77 - Centre de dépistage de Seine-et-Marne

    333 rue Marguerite Perey CS 50058
    LIEUSAINT 77563
    01 60 62 47 01

    ADMY - Centre de dépistage des Yvelines

    18 avenue Dutartre
    BP 120
    LE CHENAY 78153
    01 39 23 99 79

    ADMC 91 - Centre de dépistage de l'Essonne

    Centre hospitalier de Bligny
    01 64 90 75 82

    ADK 92 - Centre de dépistage des Hauts-de-Seine

    26 rue des Amandiers
    NANTERRE 92000
    01 41 37 23 08

    CDC 93 - Centre de dépistage de la Seine-Saint-Denis

    41 rue de Verdun
    BONDY 93146
    01 55 89 09 31

    ADOC 94 - Centre de dépistage du Val-de-Marne

    Le Parangon
    68 rue de Paris
    01 55 12 03 23

    PSVO - Centre de dépistage du Val-d'Oise

    14A avenue du Centaure
    01 34 24 57 11

    ARDOC - Centre de dépistage du Cantal de la Haute-Loire et du Puy-de-Dôme

    7 rue Edith Piaf

    ADEMAS 69 - Centre de dépistage du Rhône

    5 bis rue Cleberg
    LYON cedex 05 69322
    04 72 84 65 33

    ODLC 01 - Centre de dépistage de l'Isère et de l'Ain

    12 rue d la Grenouillère
    04 74 45 30 31

    ODLC - Centre de dépistage de l'Isère et de l'Ain

    19 chemin de la Dhuy
    CS 70139
    MEYLAN 38244
    04 76 41 42 73

    ADEMA80 - Centre de dépistage de la Somme

    7 rue Jean Calvin
    CS 78411
    AMIENS 80048
    03 22 90 64 93

    Opaline 62 - Centre de dépistage du Pas-de-Calais

    70 rue Mollien
    CALAIS 62100
    03 21 19 04 14

    AISNE PREVENTIS - Centre de dépistage de l'Aisne

    10 rue Jean Martin
    LAON 02000
    03 23 23 58 48

    ADECASO - Centre de dépistage de l'Oise

    2 rue Niepce
    Les tertiales Bat C
    COMPIEGNE 60321

    ADCN - Centre de dépistage du Nord

    123 rue de Condé
    LILLE 59005
    03 20 06 38 12

    AMODEMACES - Centre de dépistage de la Moselle

    16 rue Graham Bell
    METZ 57070
    03 87 76 08 18

    Gard Lozère dépistage

    42 rue du Forez
    BP 99034
    NIMES cedex 9 30971
    04 66 21 76 50

    DOC 31 - Centre de dépistage de la Haute-Garonne

    22 rue Guillemin Tarayre
    TOULOUSE 31950
    05 34 41 91 31

    AGIDECA - Centre de dépistage de la Gironde

    Bât C 21 avenue du Président Kennedy
    CS 20015
    MERIGNAC 33692

    DOCVIE 86 - Centre de dépistage de la Vienne

    203 route de Gençay
    SAINT-BENOIT 86280
    05 49 47 21 60

    ORCHIDEE - Centre de dépistage de la Charente

    10 chemin de Frégueneuil
    SOYAUX 16800
    05 45 68 30 21

    EMMA - Centre de dépistage de la Seine-Maritime

    42 rue des Chouquettes
    YVETOT 76190
    02 35 96 49 87

    ADCA 84 - Centre de dépistage du Vaucluse

    106 avenue de Tarascon
    AVIGNON 84000
    04 32 74 16 73

    CAP SANTE 44 - Centre de dépistage de la Loire-Atlantique

    50 route de St Sébastien
    NANTES 44265
    02 51 79 80 09

    ADECAM - Centre de dépistage du Morbihan

    14, allée François-Joseph Broussais

    VANNES 56008
    02 97 40 29 39


    49 Herestraat
    3000 Leuven


    201 boulevard du Triomphe
    1160 Bruxelles


    38 rue Baron Lambert
    1040 Bruxelle


    4 place Arthur Van Gehuchten
    1020 Bruxelles


    322 rue Haute
    1000 Bruxelles


    Avenue du Laerbeek 101
    1090 Jette


    1 rue Heger-Bordet
    1000 Bruxelles


    51 rue des Sports
    7500 Tournai


    159 rue Ferrer
    7100 La Louvière

    Assuta Medical Center Ramat HaHayal

    20 HaBarzel St
    Tel Aviv

    Assuta Ra’anana

    14 HaHaroshet St
    Ra’anana 4365707

    Assuta Hospital Rishon Lezion

    13 Eliezer Mazal St
    Rishon LeZion 75653

    Assuta HaShalom – Tel Aviv

    96 Yigal Alon St
    Building C
    Tel Aviv

    Assuta Ashdod Medical Center

    7 HaRefua St

    Assuta Kalaniot – Ashdod

    Kalanit Shopping Center
    126 Menachem Begin St

    Assuta Hospital Beer-Sheba

    11 Yitchak Rager St
    Building 7
    Beersheba 84895

    Assuta Haifa Hospital

    HaHistadrut Ave 55

    Assuta Mobile Mammography Vehicle

    96 Yigal Alon St
    Building C
    Tel Aviv

    AUSL Reggio Emilia

    Viale Umberto I°, 50
    42123 Reggio Emilia (RE)

    Coordinamento Screening. AUSL Reggio Emilia

    Via Amendola 2
    42122 – Reggio Emilia (RE)

    SSD Epidemiologia Screening

    Via Camillo Benso di Cavour 31
    10123 Torino (TO)

    SSD SENOLOGIA DI SCREENING Dipartimento Diagnostica per Immagini e Radioterapia

    Via Cavour, 31
    10123 Torino TO

    Centro di Riferimento Regionale per la Prevenzione Oncologica

    Universita di Firenze dipartimento dell area critica medico Chirur
    Via delle Oblate, 4
    50141 Firenze FI

    Istituto Scientifico Romagnolo per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori IRST Romagna

    Via Piero Maroncelli, 40
    47014 Meldola FC

    IRCCS Policlinico San Donato

    Via Rodolfo Morandi, 30
    20097 San Donato Milanese MI

    ATS Bergamo

    Via Francesco Gallicciolli, 4
    24121 Bergamo BG

    Clinica Humanitas-Gavazzeni di Bergamo

    Via Mauro Gavazzeni
    24125 Bergamo BG

    ASST Bergamo Est

    Via Paderno, 21
    24068 Seriate BG

    ASST Bergamo Ovest

    Piazzale Ospedale, 1
    24047 Treviglio BG

    ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII

    Piazza OMS, 1
    24127 Bergamo BG

    ULSS 3 Serenissima

    Via Don Federico Tosatto, 147
    30174 Venezia VE

    ATS Brescia

    Viale Duca degli Abruzzi, 12
    25124 Brescia BS